Welcome to my world, of wildlife, nature and the great outdoors, where I regularly post articles and photographs, regarding my adventures with a camera. 

 I am a wildlife photographer and writer, from Auckland, New Zealand. However as of late, I have been traveling back and forward from Canada, more precisely Vancouver Island. Having graduated with a background in psychology, natural sciences and animal care. I have attained a strong inclination to produce content that has the potential to connect people with the natural world. My goal is to continue to not only create engaging content but also a community of nature and wildlife enthusiasts. 

I photograph within a coastal theme. The coast is a remarkable ecosystem, full of variety and presents an incredible story of ocean meeting shore. I have explored many coastlines on both sides of the globe, photographing many species. This coastal theme has allowed me to explore the manner in which stories can be captured, many of my photos for instance have been taken while on the water in a kayak. 

I prefer to capture and share, photographs in a natural authentic light. I use adobe light room for post processing, however prefer to keep the image as close to the original as possible, I believe this gives a more honest representation to the viewer. All of the wildlife in my portfolio is wild and free, these photos are the accumulation of many hours of sitting, waiting and consuming way to many granola bars. 

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