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Coming Face to Face With Grizzly Bears In Canada, Wildlife Photography

Firstly just a short note, this will be the last Canadian post for the next four weeks. I am currently in New Zealand, so please look forward to some dazzling New Zealand content. However ones […]

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Birding On The Courtenay Estuary, Vancouver Island. Part 2

Welcome back to another issue of Birding On The Courtenay Estuary. If this is your first time visiting this website, feel free to check out Birding on the Courtenay Estuary Part One, by clicking on […]

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Birding On The Courtenay Estuary, Vancouver Island. Part 1

Follow TroyWood Wildlife on WordPress.com Please enjoy this short, birding photo essay. All photos were taking along the Courtenay Estuary, (East Coast, Vancouver Island, Canada). The photos were taken during the summer and autumn seasons. […]

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Vancouver Island, Where The Bald Eagle’s Fly

Follow TroyWood Wildlife on WordPress.com  A chilled off shore breeze, surrounds another misty morning on the Courtenay Estuary (East Coast, Vancouver Island). Its a quiet, unassuming and wild ecosystem, home to many species of wildlife. […]

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